This post is archived and probably outdated.

mysqlnd_qc and Symfony2

2011-10-07 22:52:00

Previously I was writing about combining Symfony2 and mysqlnd to get more statistics on what is going on below the surface in the database communication when using a Symfony2 application via the Symfony2 profiler. Now that's not all that can be done and I gave some ideas for extending this. One idea was adding mysqlnd_qc support. mysqlnd_qc is the client side query cache plugin for mysqlnd. This provides a client-side cache for query results transparently without changing the application.

A nice thing about this plugin, for this context here, is the function mysqlnd_qc_get_query_trace_log() which provides information about each query being executed. Not only the query string but also some timing (execution time, result storage time) and a stack trace so you can see where in the code a query was executed. I've added this functionality to the JSMysqlndBundle as you can see in the screenshot. I won't show a screenshot about what happens if you click the stacktrace link as this currently breaks the layout a bit, but maybe somebody wants to make this nicer? - Or maybe even feels motivated to make it even better using mysqlnd_uh (which, as of today, has docs, thanks to Ulf) Feel free to contact me to talk about ideas! :-)