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Symfony 2 and mysqlnd

2011-10-02 14:23:00

In a previous blog posting I was mentioning that I'm working on a small hobby PHP project. As I'm using this project to update myself to current frameworks I've decided to use Symfony2. Symfony provides a nice feature, which is the Symfony Profilier, an extensive logging and reporting system for Symfony2 developers to understand what's going on. A part of it is the Doctrine query logger which lists all database queries executed by Doctrine and their execution time.

This is nice but when we're using mysqlnd in our PHP build we have more information available. "So why not use that information," I thought and built a new bundle for Symfony2 doing exactly that. The JSMysqlndBundle will take all the 150 or so statistic values collected, so they can be seen in the profiler (click screenshot for a larger view).

As this is the initial value, a quick Sunday morning hack, it has not all features I can imagine. Things one could do include

Any takers? - Code away!