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I have nothing to say - but maybe PHP...

2008-08-26 11:31:41
As one can see on the frequent updates on this blog I don't have much to say, now there's this twitter thing, until recently I didn't understand it. Whenever I visit the site I see mostly pointless (imo) stuff like "preparing my pizza", "eating my pizza", "done with my pizza". The other thing I see there are people telling me what errors in their applications they are currently fixing. I can't see why that's interesting. But as people seem to be interested I found out that I have stuff to say, too, or better my PHP has, since sometimes I have errors there, too. But well, I'm lazy so I don't want to "twitter" them myself, instead of that I wrote a little PHP extension intercepting the error handling and sending the error messages to my twitter profile. While doing that I found out that this saves a whole lot of monitoring infrastructure as twitter then can send you a SMS telling you your app broke, great no? (Disclaimer: I won't use it on a production box as it makes the error reporting way slower and twitter seems, from what I've heard, to be down quite often)